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Why, oh why???

Remembering Dave

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(((((((((David, Karen, Peggy))))))))

Ditto to all the previous posts. I don't have much to add, but I whole-heartedly agree with Snowflake: my tolerance for rudeness & meanness has hit an all-time low, no matter what the source.

Know that you are all loved and appreciated here......and keep the faith!


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WHAT THE #$*%? I don't get it. You guys are so wonderful, whats going on? What did I miss? David? Karen? Peggy?

Berisa, I'm as lost as you are...

HELLO??? (tap, tap) IS THIS THING ON? I'm confused, but certain that I am honored to know you, I agree with Andrea, Snowflake and the rest of our friends here-and repeat after me...



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Ditto to what Deb said.

My grandma used to say "Oh, but she has such lovely skin!" when she didn't have anything nice to say and kinda wanted to change the subject.

I found that out as an adult, and remembered the times in conversation she had said that, and about fell out of my chair laughing...

You out there... you know who you are....

------> You've got great skin!!

Prayers to all...



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There's really nothing more to add to all the wonderful things that have been said above, so all I can say is that I love you all -- and thank G_d for this forum and all the handholding and support and advice and everything else that we get from here every single day. I know that anger and fear can make us unkind to each other -- I had a doozy of a day the other day with my husband and we were BOTH to blame, but really it was the devil of a cancer that made us do it -- but it's still awful to be on the receiving end of it all, especially when you're dealing with these issues every minute of the day.

We're all behind you -- ALL OF US/ALL OF YOU!


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Karen, David and Faith,

I have no idea why anyone would say unkind words about anyone here, no matter what their circumstances.

I have come to love so many of my friends here and to appreciate how difficult this journey is for all of us.

May we accept this as the ravings of a man in deep distress who is unable to work through the sadness and anger he is experiencing. May we feel sorrow and send prayers to his family who are living with this daily.

You know how I feel about you guys.


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I think ginnyde's last paragraph says it best. It must be a miserable life for him/her and for his/her 'loved ones'. I am always one of the first to get mad, but my life's goal is to always be one of the first to offer support. And yes, I offer it here to someone who needs (and possibly WANTS) it dearly.

Sorry, David, Karen and Peggy, but I know y'all are big enough to handle it.

Praying for us all,


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Late to the party and totally lost on this one, but just want to tell you how much I appreciate you Karen and David. And Peggy, you've been there for me from the start. Sheesh, hard to believe that someone dealing with lung cancer could want to add to the misery of someone else. If others never held my hand, I'd be flat on my face. Thank you all!

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Amen to what Fay said!! I have gotten on here and walked away feeling 100% better. So many here are like family and I would be so lost if this site did not exist!! I am so sorry for this person causing so many problems for those who are already struggling.

I agree they must be hurting so badly they have to take their anger out --I suggest he/she get a punching bag!


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