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Last Night's Tobacco Show


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For those of you who missed it here is an article on the basic gist of the show.

http://abcnews.go.com/sections/US/ABCNE ... 908-1.html

Donna, you seem to say that Clinton killed the bill because he was in support of the tobacco industry. According to the article McCain's bill was not supported by the two Clinton Administration officials because the bill watered down the original agreement and allowed a guarantee that the tobacco companies would survive. The article (at the end) mentions new legislation that is pending that would buy out tobacco farmers and put an end to government support of helping to kill people. I hope many of you write your congresspeople in support of it.

The Clinton administration did more to attack the tobacco industry than any other. As a matter of fact the Bush admin has tried and failed, by the way, to stop the latest lawsuit that the Fed Govt has against the tobacco industry. It is supposed to go to court in a few days, I think. This latest lawsuit also began in the Clinton administration. I know I sound partisan, (I am) but if Clinton was to blame I would admit it--and he is to blame as are all administrations that have continured to allow the sale of tobacco., and especially the support of tobacco production.


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Clinton had supported the bill and encouraged it. When it came down to the vote you would think he could influence his party and staff.

Things Fall Apart

Everyone believed the bill was now on its way to becoming law. But that is not what happened.

Koop and Kessler were still critical. "If you told me that this segment had been written by a representative of the tobacco industry, I would fully believe you," Koop said at the time. Kessler said, "No bill is better than a watered-down bill."

As a result we have no bill. Tobacco companies are not regulated. The companies continue to rake in the profits, the government continues to rake in the taxes, and collect and spend the tobacco settlement money, and lung cancer will continue to be a deadly illness .

PS thanks for posting that article! Donna


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The way it sounds to me is that he didn't want a watered down bill. (Is there a pun there, lo?l). But who knows, maybe the tobacco lobby did get to him. I have his autobiography and I am going to look up what he has to say about it in it. I don't know if a watered down bill is better than no bill. I don't really know. But maybe we can get one now. But I honestly don't think that will happen with George W as the president.


PS: I just looked in the rather extensive index and Clinton makes NO mention of this at all. Don't know what that means but Kessler nor tobacco appear.

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