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Would you believe....


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Would you believe that I received a flippin' BIRTHDAY CARD in the mail from non other than MARLBORO???? And it included a $5 coupon off a carton of cigarettes. :shock:

I don't know HOW I got on their mailing list -- and to ad insult to injury, not only am I ON the list, but they know when my birthday is!

I think that Philip Morris will be getting a letter....

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Did you date the Marlboro man??

$5 ain't much off a carton, is it? Aren't they closing in on $50? (I only see the signs on the "lawns" of gas stations when they're "on sale", no clue what the price is.)

Up to a couple of years ago, the Army wanted me...got free T-shirts everytime they sent me something, not too bad...LOL...maybe they've decided they can't handle me?

So, anyhow, happy belated b-day!

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That's priceless, Heather. I had no idea they had such a mailing list . . . I've known lots of people who smoked, and I never heard of them getting coupons! Obviously they're not doing a real good job screening the list - reckon how many kids are on there too?



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Dave used to get coupons. He used to get all kinds of stuff. They had the marlboro miles where you sent in UPC codes and got free stuff like duffel bags and jackets. he got a duffel bag. but I don't think he's gotten anything since being diagnosed. I THINK he may have sent them correspondence telling them to stop, am not sure, but I can tell you anything from them that comes in the mail these days goes straight in the trash. Although I should considering using it for what Don Wood suggested we consider doing with it . . .

we also have a deep dark secret in our marriage related to Philip Morris USA. please remember we live in (near) Richmond, Virginia.

Karen C.

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This is similar to the way I felt after my mom kept recieving letters from her credit card companies offering MONEY BACK CANCER INSURANCE. One of the terms is that you have to have not ever been diagnosed with internal cancer. I could see them sending out one just by fluke, but she recieved numerous offers like that. Never seen anything like it before she was diagnosed, only until about a month ago like 8 months after DX. This is on top of all the cigarette coupons she and I were recieving. Talk about pouring salt on the wound.

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