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. . . and God spoke to me . . . AGAIN!


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God has spoken to me personally, distinctly, directly, clearly, unexpectedly, and quickly on two previous occasions in the last ten years - tonight was the third time. It just happened when I read Cheryl's post about her anniversary and her praises to God.

If any of you read my post in the why, oh, why thread, you might recall that I said if I could only type one sentence that helped one person, then my mission here would be accomplished. Cheryl just proved to me that that statement is correct. You never know when something YOU say is going to be used by God to change someone's life, or at a minimum, help them when they need it. We not only have the crisis of my husband's cancer in our life, but we have a second crisis that is even more difficult to cope with. That crises swells each day, and recently has become so frightening that it's hard to sleep at night.

Cheryl, your descriptive post of God's beautiful creations in your own back yard, and His words that He gave you to post tonight completely lifted my fear. I have been sitting here frozen since I posted back to you. I don't know whether to thank you or to thank God, but I know I need to be thankful, and I am.

Love to you all,


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I would like you to know that your constant upbeat attitude is an inspiration to me every day. I am sending you hugs and prayers that you pass through this second crises with ease. And as always I am praying that your husband (who shall remain nameless :) ) beats the beast so that you may have many more anniversarys.



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