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Coughing returns


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Hey everyone:

I have not posted in a long time, though I hvae been reading almost every day. My mom had surgery in April to remove a larg portion of one lung and two ribbs. She seemed to be at almost a full recovery about two monhts ago. Actually, that is not fair to say since she suffered nerve damage form the surgery and therefore is in constant pain in her arm, neck and back. She also does not have full use of her left arm. She is supposed to be starting physical therapy but cannot due to her Company merging with another and somehow her health insurance being terminated. We do have an attoreny working on this for us. Am I allowed to bash a huge nationwide Company on here? She has been there for 23 years and gets her health insurance cacncelled during this. I hate them!!

Questions is, all of a sudden about a month ago her cough started coming back. Following the surgery, for months I did not hear this cough and now it is returning. I should mention that despite what she has been through, she is still smoking. How concerned should I be about the cough? I should also mention that thanks to the Bank that she has worked for for 23 years, she just cancelled her cat Scan that she had scheduled for last week until the insurance issue is resolved.

Is this something we can wait on for another month?

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The coughing could be coming from her smoking. The smoke could be irritating her lungs. I have not smoke for a little over two years. I loved to smoke, but now if I am in close quarters with someone who is a heavy smoker, I start coughing. I can feel it in all my chest. I am a loan officer and interview people. Some of the smokers that come into my office, well it just just bothers me so much. I start coughing and it can be very embrassing. Its hard to do my job at times.

I sorry that your Mom is also having to deal with her job and the insurance issues. Hopefully the attorney will be able to help her.

Best Wishes,


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Obviously no way to know for sure what is causing the cough, but just as an FYI thing, my mom was coughing for a few months after her lobectomy. It was pretty bad for about a month or two and they said that is normal after the surgery. She still coughs now, but does not ahve as many of the coughing fits as she did like in May and June, her surgery was in early March.

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