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Another Funny Restaurant Story


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Ginny I loved your story! Ha! Stories like this have such a positive influence on our healing. Since were sharing, I couldn't help but be reminded of a wedding aniversary several years back. Jack and I went out to eat for our aniversary at this swanky, upscale restaurant in Dallas. Jack doesn't like to dress up and really feels uncomfortable in a suit. He decided to wear a Polo sport shirt (which looked very good on him too I might add!) But, I tried to impress upon him that the restaurant we had reservations with would not let us in without him wearing a tie. So, I have him pull over to Wal*Mart because it was on the way, open on a Sunday, and withn our budget! I bought him 2 shirts to choose from for $10- can I shop for bargains or what? Anyway, he puts on one of the shirts and is none too happy about it. We make it to the restaurant and are seated, both feeling very uncomfortable and out of place. Jack asked the waiter what was the price of lobster? He told Jack $30 and wanted to know the size? Jack said "oh what ever people normally get" The waiter re-appears with our food and this huge platter of Lobster. Feeling like "wow, all of this for $30!" The waiter asked Jack "would you like a bib?" Jack responded, "No thanks, I'll just sop up the grease with my $5 Wal*mart shirt!" (Jak really sulked over that shirt thing! Ha!) The lobster was scrumptious!!!- Then came the bill, the lobster was $30 a pound, not $30 for the whole thing! We ate about 4lbs. worth.! Well, you do the math... Not quite the bargain we had assumed! (Thank goodness for "plastic.") On a good note, we did get to see Ross Perot eating there with his family next to us!

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I loved it. But you have definitely gotten your money's worth out of that dinner for the entertainment it has provided your friends.

I hope you and Jack enjoy many more dinners out but more important I hope you enjoy many, many more laughs.

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