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Raccoon joke


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A University of Michigan raccoon and an Ohio State raccoon were caught in traps on a riverbank. The Michigan raccoon gnawed off a leg and was soon free to go off to find a meal. He came back a couple of hours later and saw the Ohio raccoon still struggling to free himself from the trap. "Just chew off a leg and you'll be free in a few minutes", the Michigan raccoon advised the Ohio raccoon before leaving. Two hours later the Michigan raccoon returned again and saw the Ohio raccoon still caught in the trap. "I told you, buck up and chew off a leg, then you'll be free." said the Michigan raccoon before departing. The next morning the Michigan raccoon returned to the riverbank and the Ohio raccoon was still caught in the trap. "Why didn't you chew off your leg like I told you? the Michigan raccoon asked. The Ohio raccoon replied, "I already done chewed off three of them and I'm still caught in this mess."

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