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Mom trudging along, daughter hanging on for dear life...


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Hi all....Been away for a couple of weeks, due to my PC deciding it was time to move on to pc heaven(this was not a good time for me). I hate not having a computer!!! I would get on Moms every few days a try to read the posts, but know i missed alot.

Anyway, just wanted to take moment and update you on Moms "high dose" chemo treatments. SHe had her first one on Sept 2, and started feeling pretty bad about the 4th and still not back to feeling even ok. Thats is some pretty potent stuff, but although her hair has thinned she still has hair, main complaint has been nausea. The only thing that seems to even touch it is good ole fashioned Phenergan (pretty much just knocks her out), between that and the pain pills sometimes she doesnt even know if its morning or night, but she is able to laugh about it.

She is one who cannot make herself burp, or even throw up, its like she is all plugged up from all ends literally. very bloated feeling. Im not sure though how you can expect a person to throw up when she has not eaten enough for a mouse. She called me last night to bring her some Vicks rub as she said her chest was really tight feeling. maybe she wasgetting a cold or something which would not be good. We were at the onc's on thursdat and she said her chest and lungs sounded fine, no wheezing or anything. I know she got a shot of something i think aricep (?SP?) on the day she got chemo and nurse had told her side effects from it are lower back pain and chest pains. so until i can find a better answer when docs office opens tomorrow im going to assume thats what is causing it. I gave her a zanez to calm down, as she always panics when she feels bad, rubbed her chest and back with vicks and 20 mg of oxy IR. She had quit taking the pain pills and onc gave her some vicoden for pain so she wouldnt have to take oxycotin anymore but those pills are big even broken in half, taste horid, so she doesnt like them.

But all in all she was feeling much better in an hour so i came home. But who wouldnt feel btter with all those drugs in ya.

We will keep on, onc was truly amazed that all her blood counts were normal and always have been, so i guess thats good. the next chemo is scheduled for the 23rd amd if needed we can even wait another week. I just want her feeling a bit better before we do this again. The docs told us from day one, that they would bring her to the brink of death, before they made her feel btter, and im pretty sure this last week was pretty close to that, but she should start feeling better now. its a vicious (sp) cycle to go thu and i have all of you who are going thru chemo right now in my prayers, and im truly believing it does get better.

Thanks for listening and god bless to all (not just those going thru chemo), didnt mean for that to sound like i only think of those going thru chemo. My brain is becoming fried, running on empty, etc....

Prayers to all


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Wow, terrific news on the blood counts, but so sorry it had to come at such a high price. Hey, what about a liquid version of the meds? Steve had some liquid morphine sulfate that worked great, just didn't last as long as the MS Contin. Hope your mom's feeling better soon.

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Glad your Mom is doing good! I'm at the bottom of the barrel clawing my way out. Go back in today to figure out is there is a chemo out there that won't bite me in the butt! Had all kinds of tests run in the ER last night. Clean chest CAT SCAN! YEAH! Although I expected it after everything.

Tell your Mom to hang on! And good luck!

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