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Did anyone get a cough/wheeze from chest radiation


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Jen -- I just finished 34 radiation treatments last Thursday (Sept. 10th). For about the last 2 weeks of treatment I had a "radiation wheeze" that the Radiation Oncologist had told me was to be expected. He asked about it every week when I saw him, and listened to my chest, and said it was not of concern. When I saw the Pulmonologist a few weeks ago, he said the same, and said it would only be of concern if I coughed up blood or had a real problem breathing -- neither of which I've had or even come close.

It seemed to me to be creeping up my windpipe -- having started in my chest and now feels like it's almost in my throat! The Rad. Onc. says I'm doing splendidly, and that should go away on its own soon. I noticed just this weekend that it's actually better, as in I'm not wheezy all the time. It's also not as pronounced as it was for a while -- meaning not as noisy!

It helps me to take a few deep breaths now and then -- almost like I'm exercising my lungs. I do this when I'm working, just sitting around watching tv, or whenever I think of it. What they call "deep cleansing breaths" are also good -- I bet lots of people learned those in Lamaze classes! It's a slow, deep breath in through the nose, and a slow breath out through the mouth. Works wonders!

Now, to work on the leather skin I developed during radiation. Ewwww!!!

Di :)

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