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Count on the French to give the men a few points.

Mr Ry

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A boy from France comes to America. He wants to learn some new words so he goes to the airport and learns "take off." Then he learnes "zebra" from the zoo and "baby" from the hospital. Then he goes home and says, ''Mommy, I learned new words today.'' She says, "Great, honey what did you learn?" He says, ''Takeoffzebrababy!''

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Oh GOOD! I can post a bad joke for points for the women following THIS groaner!

A man finally talks his girlfriend into going home with him and "hooking up". As they're undressing, she notices his toes are all curled up and disfigured. He notices her looking at his feet and explains he had Tolio as a kid. She asks, "Don't you mean 'polio'?"

"Nope," he replies, "Tolio affects the toes only."

Then she notices his gnarled knees. He explains Neasels during childhood as the cause.

"Are you sure that wasn't 'Measels'?" she asks.

"Nope," he replies, "Neasels affect the knees."

He then removes his briefs to which she exclaims, "Let me guess, small cox?!"

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