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Collapsed Lung?

Guest Kay

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Hi everyone. This is my first posting, so bear with me if I don't have all of the abbreviations down.

I am wondering if anyone has dealt with a collapsed lung and what the treatments may have been successful? My Mom has been battling SCLC for almost three years. She has been on three different courses of chemo over the years and had her share of side effects, but until now, we have been faced with a collapsed lung.

Her oncologoist (a SCLC specialist at MD Anderson) has her scheduled this week to see a radiologist and pulmonary doctor regarding the potential for localized radiation (through a bronchoscopy-type of treatment) or stints, resepctively

Has anyone out there had success or have any advice about either proceedure?


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My father suffered from a collapsed lung due to the immense build up of plueral effusion (fluid that is a product of the tumor growth that builds up between the lining (pluera) of the lungs. He had a plueral catheter inserted to drain the fluid. It called for a 3 day hospital stay for him, although some patients can do it on an outpatient basis. He has so much fluid (nearly 6 liters) that they had to draw it out in small/measured increments. Thankfully his lung re-expanded and he was able to have some relief for a while.

I hope that this helps.

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Guest spiritualandfree

Hello, this is my first time using this website and came across you subject. I have had a right lung collapsed and was put in the hospital for 3 days to have the fluid drained. My right lung has expanded from the exrays and I am able to breathe much better, though, I have in home oxygen.

I have been diagnosised with stage IV non small cell lung adenocarcinoma and just started chemo.

My hopes are to keep the tumor from growing and allowing me to spend as much time as God shall have me with my love ones.

Best wishes and please keep me posted.

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Hi All,

Sorry I can't help you on your questions but welcome to this website. You will find an abundance of support and caring people here. Please come here often for any support youmay need. You all did just fine on your postings. You may want to add a little more information in your signature so that we will know waht you have experienced already and we can give you more accurate info regarding your situation. ie., NSCLC or SCLC, Adeno, squamous cell, stage, treatment ( chemo or radiation, surgery.) You are all in my prayers...

Blessings from So. California


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