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Chemo again


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I last posted about a month ago and it has been a busy month. Haven't even had time to check to board and I do miss that. My husband convinced me that I should give that cancer one more kick so had Carbo and Taxerol Aug 31. Hair is coming out today!! I did change oncologist -same KC Cancer Center group, just a closer location so takes half as long to get there and no city driving. This office is quite small but the only oncologist there has a very good reputation. She has a Nurse Practitioner and 2 other nurses that I really like. Other than losing hair and more tired I haven't had any side effects but who knows what will happen after the next round the 21st. the plan is 2 rounds, 3 weeks apart, wait 3 weeks and do another scan. If there is improvement then 2 more rounds. They really aren't too optimistic since this is another recurrance but I will give it a try and ask for your prayers. At least I will go down fighting. some of you may remember that I am rather disgusted with the radiation oncologist. I really liked seeing her but feel she let this increase too much before taking action and I still wonder if they missed it completly with the radiation and that radiation really set me back. I am now on oxygen 95% of the time.

My husband still can't walk but seems to be recovering nicely from the heart attack. My daughter closed her apartment, stored everything in our basement and moved in with us the first of the month. She is a big help!

I still have not determined how to update my information at the end of the post. sone one told me to click on prifile, scroll to signature and add to it but I can't find those options. Oh well.

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Nice to see you posting again. We send our crew out when people are missing for a while, and you were getting real close to meeting the crew!! :P:P

I'm glad to hear things are on the up swing for you. I'm sure it's not any fun doing chemo again, but it just may be what the doctor ordered! I'm going to think positive and hope it does the trick. I'm glad to hear you haven't had any side effects. I'm sure with a positive attitude you may NOT have any!! I'm praying for you!

I'm also glad to hear your daughter has moved in with you. How very nice and loving of her to do that.

Please take care and keep us posted on how your doing now and again.

I wish you well.

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Glad to hear from you. Things are happening and that is good. You can never tell when a certain chemo will either shrink the tumor or keep you stable. Carbo/Taxol kept my husband stable, just became to hard for him to handle.

Your daughter being there should really help you both physically and mentally I am sure.

Keep us posted.

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It's good to hear from you again. I'm glad your daughter has moved back home, and that your husband is recovering from the heart atttack. You really have had your plate full. I'm dealing with disease progression, as well, so I can relate to some of what you are feeling right now. I'll be sending my prayers your way that you respond to the new chemo with good results...

You hang in there, Warrior Woman! :wink:

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