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Terminal phase delirium?


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My mom suffered from delirium many many months prior to her passing...it was due to the pain medication. But near the end she was extremely confused and delirious, the cancer spread to her liver. A big sign of the liver function shutting down is encephalopathy (where the immonia from the liver builds in the system and travels to the brain causing confusion). I hope this helps and please remember it could be the pain medication or any combination of medications.

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I also highly recommend the aforementioned website, Crossing the Creek. There's also a great book called Final Gifts that you might want to read. These two publications, along with a couple of other things I read, were absolutely invaluable in dealing with the last stages of my brother's life. Because of them, I was able to recognize those stages, and respond to and help him in the most appropriate, loving manner. Personally, I think everyone who is helping to care for someone with a terminal disease should read such books. It's difficult to make yourself do so . . . but well worth it.



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