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Have any of you ever watched this show? It is simply fabulous. Tonight was the season premier for the new season. Becky and I loved this show in particular. It always kicked my butt; the main character's wife dies in the first episode, and he is left to connect with his children that have largely grown up without him as he was engrossed with his career. It is a warm and fuzzy show, though it also gives tremendously sensitive discussions of very serious things.

Anyway, it hurt to watch without Becky tonight. Last year, I would be in San Antonio on Monday nights while she and Katie were in Nacogdoches, and we would watch the show, and then call each other and talk about it almost as long as the show itself. Then I would rewind the tape and watch it again half the time. (Always have to tape it because not everybody knows not to bug me during Everwood. More sacred than the Spurs.)

This is the hardest part of widowhood for me right now. With whom do I share all of the stuff I accumulate in a day, especially that stuff that was particular to sharing with Becky? After the show was over, I picked up the phone to call her, almost six months later. Does this ever end? Do I want it to end?

Aargh, I must get back to a paper I am writing. Have a good night. And for those of you interested, the first season was just released on DVD. This show is the best thing on television in many years.


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Oh Curtis.. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

I read and re-read your email and I could feel the grief you are feeling. I sat here for a long time looking at the reply box and I just didnt have any words to say that might make you feel any better. I know its so hard to be going through life everyday as we must do becuase life does go on, and then get your heart ripped out again because of the little reminders that tend to creep up on us at the most unsuspecting times. I wish that I had answers for you, but I do feel your pain. I am guessing as you have said over and over that it does get better, I guess there comes a time when you feel a little more numb, and then maybe much later there will come a time, when possibly you will be able to watch it, and think of Becky with a less amount of grief. Aside from having Katie there to remind you of the love you shared, just remember all the great, wonderful times you were able to have. It is a blessing in itself that you were able to make a life together in the short time we all have on earth. Just think that there are many, many people who have never even known love at your age. Not only have you known love, but you two created a most beautiful child and for that we continue to be blessed of the awe of His power. I just wish that there was something profound I could say to make you feel better, becuase I have no great words of wisdom, nor the expereince you have had since I didnt lose my spouse, but please, please know we are all here for you when you need us most if that helps any. I will be sure to check out Everwood next week to see what so great about it... with two kids in the house - cartoons occupy most of the TV time until 8:30 every night.


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I too can feel your grief right through the post. I have watched Everwood since the first episode and have similar feelings -- I wonder how my ex-husband would handle raising our son without me in the picture. Would he step up to the challenge like Andy? Would my son struggle to remember me like Delia? Would he rebel like Ephram?

It is the perfect show for so many reasons. It's a "family show" that you can watch with your children, it teaches life lessons -- some tough and some simple.

I know it is so hard to make it through the day to day stuff without a sounding board....someone to share the little things with. And as small of an offer as it is, I am here to chat about Everwood any time you like!

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I think the answer to all of those questions is yes. And no. He would step up and do the best he possibly could. Not exactly the way you would have done it. But the best way he could. And your son would struggle and would rebel and do all of those things in his own way. Katie is younger than those characters, and yet she does such a great job of remembering things about Becky. I am amazed not at what she has forgotten but what she has remembered. We are coming up on six months already, which is a long time when you are 4 1/4. And she remembers so much, things that just come out of nowhere. It is very touching. Evocative, for sure, but warmly.

And what is up with the pooch, Heather? The dog is cute, but you are a beauty. Count this as one vote for your picture back.


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