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Remembering Dave

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I think of you, Karen and Faith alot and keep you all in my prayers. I will add a little something about feeling like dog s*** and hope that with all of us praying that you will feel better soon. Do as the others say and drink plenty of fluids and rest. If the docs think a higher dose is better I don't blame you for trying it. I hope you don't have one tiny cancer cell left when you are finished and feeling good again. Take care of yourself too and watch those germs.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you fo all your suppot and prayers. It means a lot to have all of you behind m. I am sleeping and drinking, sleeping and drinking. I do feel better today than I did yesterday. I drove myself to radiation, my dad came along with me but I drove. I will be going to sleep here shortly. These side effects suck but at least I know it is killing the cancer, it has to be!!!! Again, thank you everybody.

David C

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