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Just to let you all know that David had a small stroke yesterday. He went for a short walk and when he returned he experienced a tingling in his hand and then began to slurr his speech. By the time the paramedics arrived, (about 10 to 15 minutes) his speech was more or less back to normal. He was not paralysed any more than the residual from his last stroke,(five years ago.) Apparently this stroke was on the opposite side of the brain to the last one.

Anyway, after a barrage of tests the doctor told us that the reason for the stroke was Mets to the brain. He said the exertion of the walk had probably made the large tumor swell and so interfered with the brains "mechanism"? He has one fairly large tumor and many small ones. He is now on steroids and they plan radiation soon. As it is, they say he could have a siezure at any time. Today we have an appointment in the afternoon and should be starting Gemzar.

Our daughters are waiting to hear what our Onc says this afternoon and then they are going to plan to come down to see their Dad.

He really is an amazing man, you wouldn't think he had even had a stroke, he is talking just as intelligently as he has always done and his speech is only slightly slurred. He walks about but is a lot weaker and off balance.

We are so upset about this setback, but I know a lot of our friends on this board are living with brain mets, so I will take courage from this fact.

Pse excuse the spelling here, I am rushing this as I have loads to do before we go off to the onc.

Prayers and love to you all,


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I am so very sorry. This journey is just fraught with land mines. It looks like David side stepped the big one and that is good news. They told me they were sure Earl would have seizures after they found the brain mets.

He did not, thank God. I had Dilantin suppositories just in case, you may want to ask about that.

I hope the Gemzar is the magic pill. You and David are in my prayers.


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So sorry to hear of this setback. TBone's tumors were so large when they were found on Christmas Eve that the ER doctor said he shouldn't even be conscious, and they really prepared us for him to start having seizures. But fortunately, that never happened. Here's hoping y'all won't have to deal with that either, and that they're able to zap those mets pronto.

Praying for us all,


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Thank you all Dear friends,

Today we saw the Onc. and he has put us in touch with a "radiologist?"! David has to have three weeks of radiology and the Gemzar has been put on hold. The oncologist says that Gemzar can interfere with the radiology outcome. David is taking Omprazole and decadron. I have heard such terrible things about decadron and I am a bit worried about that.

David is amazingly cheerful today. Our friends and neighbours have been visiting him and keeping his spirits up. What angels we have around here!He has eaten a good dinner tonight too! You would hardly know that he has had a stroke. I am so relieved about that as the first stroke was a nightmare that we have never really recovered from and I was so terrified that the same thing was happening again.

So, we carry on with the fight and hope for the best.

Lots of love and thanks to you all.


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Dear Paddy,

When TBone was diagnosed on Christmas Eve with those awful (and awfully large) brain mets, they immediately started the Decadron. We're convinced that's what decreased the swelling (and stopped the bleeding, possibly) so that his severe headache stopped and he did not have seizures. He hated taking the Decadron because of all he had read but I really don't think it was as awful as he expected. One thing it did though was make him REAL hungry. We all cooked constantly to keep him filled up. I want to add, too, that I think it was because of the Decadron that he was able to feel so good (physically, that is) right after dx and we were able to have all those cook-outs, parties, etc. (again, trying to fill him up! lol).

I'll keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers.


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