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big day on Friday for Alisa and I


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I am a little sad because we had to cancel our "usual" Tuesday night date again tonight - open house at the elementary school. But Alisa and I got to have lunch today instead which was nice, and I didn't have to do all the dishes yet to get the house clean, which is also nice because I have a paper due tomorrow. So all things considered it is probably best for me anyway not to have her over tonight. Nope. I can't even make me buy that one. Katie and I will go to the museum instead. They stay open late on Tuesdays and have this great science treehouse with all sorts of cool stuff in it. That will dilute Katie's disappointment, I hope.

On Friday, the five of us are all going out for pizza. Katie and I met her Katie last Saturday for a while, but it will be the first time we meet Brian. I am excited about this, and I am excited that she is suggesting things that brings our families into a little more contact. And when I went to Austin for Labor Day weekend, she brought us a care package with books on tape for each of us. Disney for Katie and Leo Buscaglia for me. I think she likes me. Anyway, after a full day of accounting blabbing - we have our first research colloquium in the afternoon, and then happy hour/dinner with the professor, I think pizza with a bunch of kids sounds like a good way to unwind.

Between my trip to Dallas and hers to Corpus, we hadn't seen much of each other recently, but we are both back now. But I am plenty sick of Tuesday nights getting interrupted. Tomorrow is a month from our first date. (Yes, I have only been making y'all barf about this for a month.)


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It is hard to buffer her, but I am doing what I can. Tonight we are headed out to dinner with a classmate, also female, just to make sure she sees me with other women as well, treating them the same way. Because when Alisa and I are together with Katie, we are just pals. No hand-holding or the like. But I am an expressive guy, and Katie is a sensitive girl, so I don't think I can hide the affection I have for her. This is something that does worry me. So any advice on how to do that is welcome.


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First I think I mentioned before that people that were happily married tend to gravitate towards another relationship more quickly.

Secondly, I think you should start slowly showing affection toward Alisa in front of all the children. You are a sensitive man, judge the reaction from the children and then proceed based on their reactions.

Katie deserves another Mommy. I know that is hard to hear but you will not help her get ready for her first dance quite the way a woman will. I am not saying rush to the altar, just don't feel guilty if the right wife and mommy comes along.

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