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Ivan--my little sister in New Orleans


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Dear all,

I know this is not cancer-related--but if you could spare a thought for my little sister, I would greatly appreciate it.

She bravely moved to New Orleans two weeks ago without knowing a soul-- found her first apartment, bought the furniture, car, etc. and was ready to embark on a wonderful new chapter of her life. This was a HUGE step for her.

She's a sensitive soul and yesterday she was too scared to evacuate alone (she just learned to drive a month ago) and too scared to stay.

The one person she had become friends with in the city happened to already be out of town--and she's really shy.

As I'm sure many of you know, New Orleans is not only bracing itself for Ivan--but the looting that may very well take place whether or not the storm hits there (as so many people have had to leave their homes). A curfew has already been imposed upon the city for that very reason. The crime rate is not negligable even on a regular day (and that's coming from a New York City girl).

My mom and I were up half the night trying to convince her to evacuate--as we do NOT want her in her apartment alone at this time no matter what--and she said that she might try to follow the lead of someone else in her building, and head for Houston (normally about a six hour drive).

We have not been able to contact her since (on her home or cell phone).

My mom is frantic.

Please pray that my little sister is safely stuck in traffic on her way out of New Orleans.



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Oh, Melinda -- as if you didn't have enough to worry about! Let's hope that indeed she IS stuck in traffic in a nice safe place. I had heard earlier that the mayor of New Orleans told people who couldn't leave to go to apartment buildings that have high floors so that the flooding, which is what they're really worried about, won't reach them. Perhaps your sister's apartment is so located?

Let us know when you hear from her.


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Just a quick note to let you know that cell phones aren't working down here at the moment...mine hasn't worked since yesterday I guess from the flood of calls being made.

We live in Pensacola, FL and are now staying with my brother in Panama City. The traffic was horrendous and what is normally an hour and a half drive took us about 4 and a half hours.

I am sure that your sister is fine...her cell phone will hopefully be back up tomorrow. Our house line is down, too. The good news for her is that the brunt of it will be going to Mobile and unfortunately, my town of Pensacola.

I'll say a little prayer for her now.


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Melinda, I can imagine how you must feel and I hope you hear from your sister very soon..let us know if you do. They just showed New Orleans on the news and it is not nearly as bad there as they had feared. The eye should hit in about 3 hours or less. It appeared that the eye will hit dead on Mobile,Al. There have already been deaths in Panama City because of tornadoes. Keep us all in your prayers as we will your little sister.


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(((((Melinda and little sister))))))) My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister. I just went through Charley and Frances. My first hurricanes since I moved here 3 yrs ago. It is very scary, but please try to believe she will be ok. The authorities have excellent storm preparation and evacuation plans in place, for everyones safety, and fortunately they have ample time to implement them. Please keep us posted here, this is a wonderful group of caring people.

Peace to you,


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Looks like New Orleans dodged the bullet. The map of the storm rainfall I saw this am showed NewOrleans with only a few inches of rain, while just east they had huge rainfall. If that had fallen on New Orleans , the city would all be flooded. Now that day light is up perhaps we will see more of what happened on the Gulf Coast. Prayers continueing. Donna G

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