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That Much Longed For Word


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We all know that the best word in the English language is “benign”. Well, that was not to be, but we’ll settle for the second best: NED! Len had a CT scan yesterday, having had his last chemo on Aug. 30th. The oncologist called today and said what we were longing to hear – No Evidence of Disease – and I am quoting! He said that there was not even any scarring in the lung, although there was a little fluid in the bottom of the right lung – something he said was nothing to worry about. Don’t know what might be causing that – any ideas?

At any rate, we’re going ahead with the rest of the tests and discussions that have been scheduled, a Pulmonary Function Test next Tuesday, then a meeting with a radiation oncologist the following Tuesday, culminating with our crucial meeting with our regular oncologist to decide whether or not to pursue radiation. It’s a difficult decision since it might put the proverbial nail in the coffin for any errant cells still lurking in the chest area, but the side effects sound somewhat ominous. Our onc. said this particular radiation onc. was exceptionally good at sorting out complex or dicey cases, and that the entire medical team would reassemble to thrash out a recommendation. So I don’t know which way we’ll go, but it’s nice to have a choice!

We’re both breathing much easier (all that holding one’s breath takes it toll) and feeling that we really have something to celebrate tonight when the eve of the Jewish New Year rolls around. Maybe the habitual greeting at this time of year – “a happy and a healthy . . .” will actually have some relevance!


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Thank you everyone -- it has been a happy 24 hours around this house. Len is definitely back to his old feisty self -- this took a weight of considerably more than several tons off of his mind!

And Rachel, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Let us know what the tests show!


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