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LCSC Cancer Benefit in the Park- UPDATE!


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November 13, 2004 in recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month

LCSC Cancer Awareness Benefit in the Park

@ the Villages of Bear Creek in Euless Texas.

More information to follow in the coming weeks.

I have just today gotten city manager approval for this event,

reserved the large pavillion and electricity,

Donated Bouncy house for children's entertainment

Fire Marshall has given approval for a candle light vigil that evening-

Working on the Mobile Health Unit of the local hospital to set up that day at the event

Working on getting health professionals to attend.

Working on PSA and media announcements and getting our city leaders to attend. (We'll see how this goes)

Proceeds stemming from this event will be gifted to a cancer research facility to be announced in the coming weeks.

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You bet! I could use all the volunteers I can get and if you don't want to volunteer...I could use all the attendees I can get too! This should be a fun event (fingers crossed) AND (pray- no rain this time)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Have gotten the Cure Magazine to donate 150 copies of their LC Issue.

Am working on PSA's and media coverage, sound bytes for radio.

Distribution of flyers and educational packets going on at hospitals and stores.

Still 1001 irons on the fire....will let you know more when more becomes available.

STILL NEEDING VOLUNTEERS...Anyone in N. TX or who want to come this way November 13....we need you!!

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Katie -

One of my childhood friends is a PhD with Ciphergen in Houston and basically spends all of her time at MD Anderson working with them on research. I'm sure Ciphergen already supports 'bout every fundraiser there is (or at least is asked to!), but it wouldn't hurt to ask them. I'll send you my friend Charlotte's e-mail information so you can contact her about a potential donation/sponsorship.

Praying for us all,


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Thanks guys!

Kim, I'd definitely love your help!

Anyone who wants to distribute flyers about the event, contact me with your e-mail address and I will send you a pdf. attachment for you to print out yourself.

Anyone else who would like educational materials (educational packet on LC) e-mail me and I will send you that as well. (We distribute these to the hospitals and cancer centers.)

I'll keep keeing ya posted!

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The Lance Armstrong Org. sent the LiveStrong bracelets and cards and I have made baskets for silent auctions.

The Cure Mag. sent along 4 boxes of magazines.

Walmart, Chilis, and Target came thru with giftcards and Kroger is letting us set up a table this Friday to promote this local event!

KVIL radio is broadcasting about the event next week AND doing a PSA for LCSC.

I sent two dozen letters to other media outlets and inquired with other businesses too, so you never know who will come thru in the next two weeks.

But I'm not waiting around for that....I have decorated buckets and me and my mom and my brother will be standing with signs in teh median of Main Street (like the firefighters do) soliciting donations......

It's gettin' serious now....he..he...he....

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this event is a success!!!

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