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I think I'll stay away from the doctors!!


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Hi all,

It seems like every day I'm getting stronger & better -- & then I have an appt with the dr. & WHAM! Today I saw the cardiologist & she said that I have cardiomyopathy. Yeeks! I'm wondering if this could have been caused by the chemo or radiation? Although I've had several heart attacks in the past, my checkups have all been o.k. before this. Now Im on a change of medication & being told it can be managed medically. Good to know as it used to be pretty much of a death sentence.

Does anyone know if it can be caused by chemo?

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All I know is that radiation is very hard on the heart.

I had radiation from age 3 (1931) when it was nearly

experimental till 12 years old and again in 1999 and

my heart is in bad shape but I am still going strong,

the worst part is adjusting to the moods of your heart,

someday may be fine, others are touchy.

Keep us posted on your progress in the right way.


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There are other chemo drugs that can cause cardiomyopathy but they are not generally used to treat lung cancer. As JC said, radiation can definitely cause heart problems. I've never seen anything about CoQ10 reversing cardiomyopathy, I think its really unlikely. There is a medicine called Zinecard that can prevent cardiomyopathy from chemo but again, those kinds of drugs (except for Adriamycin) are rarely used for lung cancer.

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