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Funny Store Names and such


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Funny Store Names

In San Jose, California there is a store called: Linoleum Dicks


There's a chain of drugstores in Delaware called 'Happy Harry's Discount



A chicken take-out chain (started by Rutgers University Students, NJ)


In Gobles, Michigan, there is a resturaunt named "The Shagnasti"

There's a place in Calgary called "Mother Tuckers" except it's a

steak house


In Troy NY : Bizzarro Funeral Home


In Bellevue Iowa, there existed the "Dye Funeral Home".


In Philadelphia, there's the "Deady Funeral Home". [Area residents are

aware that "Deady" rhymes with "lady", not "ready", but I can imagine

visitors doing a double take when they see the sign.]


A Chinese Take-out called:

Fu-King Kitchen .......they caught on some months later - changed

it to Foo-King Kitchen.


There's one in Texas called "Wok N Roll".


In Logan, Utah, there is a Chinese Delivery place called,

Wok on Wheels


In Toronto, a chain of Chinese fast food joints called Ho-Lee Chow.


In England there is a store called Knobs and Knockers!


Iin a suburb of Dallas, in a predominantly Asian community a salon

called Chin Hair Designs. Maybe a place to go in and get a goatee trimmed?

OK, it's not a pun, but there's a store in Columbia Missouri called

Liquor Guns and Ammo.


I saw a picture of a small-town drugstore, owned by a guy named Mr Strange. The big neon sign advertised "Strange Drugs".


There is an automotive part store in Colorado with a sign that says,

"We are happy to show you your parts."


There is a sign at a garage that says "Johnsons Please Enter

Through Rear".


There was once a marque in Seattle that read "NOW APPEARING - JIMMY

SMITH & HIS SWINGING ORGAN" (they probably had to show ID at the door).

There's an outhouse company in Edmonton whose slogan is:

"We handle the big jobs"



An electrical fix-it shop (displaced when I-10 went through town):

XXX Electrical Shop - Let us check your shorts!

Radiator repair shop (51 Ave & Glendale)

"Best place in town to take a leak!"


In Dallas there's a Chinese restaurant called Wok Around the Clock.

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