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JustAKid is in the hospital

Remembering Dave

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We hadn't heard from Beth all week . . . knew she was feeling bad, she and her family were going to come out to our house last weekend but she felt too bad. Anyway, heard from her husband this evening, she's been in the hospital since Wednesday, the yeast infection in her esophagus is so bad she could not swallow at all and has had a persistent fever of 101. Was so weak she couldn't even walk with husband's assistance, so went by ambulance to the hospital. Her Mom is with her 24/7 and her husband is holding down the fort at home with their two kids.

Prayers, please, for Beth, she's had an awfully rough time with her treatment ever since diagnoses, a very difficult time, very bad physical reactions not in her control, and despite what anyone says, if anyone needs a hand held right now, or a prayer offered up for them, it is our dear new friend Beth.

If she is up to visitors we will go see her tomorrow and will print this thread to take to her. She can't have flowers, fresh fruit, etc., due to the severity of her infection so maybe lots of well wishes from the board will help cheer her up.

God Bless us all,

David and Karen

and Faith of course

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Oh my goodness. Thank you so much David and Karen for this post. I will most definitely pray for Beth and will give it all I've got.

Dear Beth,

Please try to relax and not be afraid. I'm sure you are in good hands and the doctors, nurses, angels and God Himself will be with you at all times. Take comfort in that knowledge. I will be thinking of you, praying for you and hoping to get an update very soon.

All my love,


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Thank You Karen for letting us know about Beth. I have just answered a post from her and I have just now seen yours.

Dear Justakid,

I am so sorry to hear that you have been having such a hard time. My love and prayers go to you and your family and hope that you will be feeling much better very, very soon. God Bless You, Paddy

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I was so sorry to hear about you being in the hospital. When you said you felt badly you weren't kidding. I hope the docs can get you back in shape soon and home to your kids. You are in my prayers for a speedy recovery and that since you had to go through these horrible side effects that each and every one of those cancer cells are dead.


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Dear Beth:

I am so very sorry to hear this news, I hope at least though that being in the hospital your are getting some relief from the pain and anxiety you have been feeling. I hope that they can find out what is causing all these horrible reactions to everything while you are there.

I know its hard not to worry and be scared, but try to get some rest and put this in your doctors and nurses hands. So very glad to hear that your Mom is with you, I know I how important it is to have your mom when you dont feel well. My prayers are with you and your family during this time, and hope you feeling well and back to normal as quick as possible.

I only wish you were closer so I could visit you. I am very glad though that you have found David and Karen.

Takew care and god bless


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