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New CT Scan... I've been absent for a long time, "sorry


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Sorry to all, but I've been absent from the site for a long time... I need to be in order to survive this for now... Selfish I know, but I have to be what I have to be for him.. and I'm sorry to say I can't be here and be there for Darrell.. We got married June 14th in Panama City, Florida... Things have been really good, at times I can almost forget hes had or has cancer. Hes been cancer free for 7 months now and I pray it continues. Only God knows!! Darrell expects it to come back, I pray that it won't, but deep inside I don't know... Sorry its been so long, I've totally avoided this site, I'm hardly even on the computer now days.. maybe twice a week to check email.. I don't even know whats going on with everyone.. I'm scared to even look. It scares me so! I know whats probably ahead, but I hope we have more time....Darrell gets a new ct scan Oct 4th and we find out results Oct. 7th... I hate to even ask I feel like such a trader, but say a prayer that all is well...I still love ya all and feel for everyone that faces this disease but I have to handle it in the way that I can deal with it... I think about you Norme and wonder how you are doing.. I'm sorry I haven't been in contact....and I also think about shelliemac... shes one of the first to talk to me.. I just read a post from her and I'm so sorry I didn't know you lost your dad, and to think about what your going through now with your sister... I am so very sorry Shelliemac!!! how selfish I've been... Love and prayers to you all! Christy

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hi christy,

oh wow, please free yourself from all that guilt! all of us need a break every now and then, and you are in no way a "traitor" for asking us to have darrell in our thoughts and prayers. there is always an abundance of help and support to receive here, but if you need time away, take it. the fact that you think about us, even when you don't log on just proves how much you care. congratulations on your wedding too. what a wonderful blessing for you both! and of course i'm sending prayers darrell's way for clean scans. take care.

God bless,


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Hey - what's with that guilt-laden message?!?! :lol::lol: Please don't feel the need to apologize to us . . . you've got to do what's best for you and Darrell, and if that means not keeping up with the site, then we'll miss you but will certainly understand.

Congratulations on your newlywed status, and rest assured we'll keep y'all in our thoughts and prayers.



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That is one of things that amazes me about this site. Everyone is so caring and so kind and supportive!! I miss being here, but between working and just spending time with him, I hardly ever get on my computer anymore. I just have him look things up for me if I need something.. Hes watching Jag right now, his favorite show! I think its on 3 times a day! blaah! but oh well..

I just want to thank everyone for being there always!!! Everyone on this site is so great!! I would reccomend it to anyone that needed it! It is really a great support system! I will try to visit more often. Good luck to everyone!

love and many prayers! Christy

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