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Calling all fellow Alabamians....ok?


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I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and prayers. It appears that we are going to be just fine after Ivan passed through our area. It is still raining a little and very windy outside but so far all trees are still in the ground and our power came back on late this afternoon. We feel so very lucky considering what so many in our beautiful state are going through right now. There are thousands without power and several thousand in shelters throughout the state. My brother has/had a condo on the beach that is probably wiped out. It was right where the major storm serge was...we hope for his sake that that is still standing.

All of the rest of you...Angie and others...let us know how you are as soon as you can.

Again, thank you so much for your support..we were all scared to death with this monster bearing down on us. I was one of the very lucky ones.


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Glad to hear that you are ok. Was a little scary here yesterday

afternoon and last night but made it without any major damage,

just a few limbs down. Hope Angie and her family are ok.

There are some power outages in her area so maybe that's

why we haven't heard from her yet.


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I'm glad you folks over in Alabama fared well. I was still worried about Angie, since she hadn't posted yet, so I just called and talked to her. They had some rough wind and rain (as did we), but they never even lost power, so they're doing well. However, she's having some problems with maintaining an internet connection, hence she's not been able to post. (Plus the fact that she's adopted ANOTHER dog - a city one, at that! - and she's been busy trying to educate him on the ways of country life . . . said something about teaching him to deal with the cows!) Her Dad's pain has been better (maybe the Iressa is working?!), and they go for a CT scan on Tuesday.

Nina and Pamela -

Please PM me with where in Alabama you are. I've got something up my sleeve with regard to fundraising for LCSC, and I might need the help of those close by. I'll try to post about this "opportunity" later today or tomorrow, but Ive got to get my ducks in a row before doing so.

Hope you fellow Southerners are enjoying this glorious day!



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