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some hope....


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Something to hope for.....

got phone call from mary crowley medical research center in Texas today regarding the lung cancer vaccine trial.....

they recieved and reviewed my husband's medical records and we are definately all set to go out on Wednesday 9/22 for our consultation.....

that's one obstacle behind us.....

i am just praying they take him.... we don't have a lot of chemo options left.... however we still dont know if the Iressa is working.... he is still coughing up blood etc... but he HAS been feeling better and has had more energy over the last couple of days.....

saying prayers for a safe and successful trip to Dallas.


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I am on a trial at Mary Crowley's located on the 3rd floor of Baylor Hospital in the Sammon's Cancer Treatment Center. I am doing a trial called CT2103 (paclitatol/carblplatin.) It acts more like a smart bomb, seeking out cancer and binding to it. It has fewer side effects than tradtional chemo, cause few healthy cells are effected; therefor, one can have more of the drug administered than normal. I have had no hair loss, less nausea, and am able to work full time. Some exhaustion and neuropathy in my toes, but as long as it works who cares!

Another trial, for those who are running out of chemo options is PT100. I met a woman while getting chemo, who was geting it and she said her appetite was good. She was tired, and had some thinning of the hair. She had a 30 % reduction of her tumor I believe.

If this works, I will do 20 weeks total. Then follow up with the vaccine. The vaccine is like GVAX, but made from other people's tumors like yours. Dr. Senzor said that it was actually better. Now, I do not know about that, but the trial criteria for GVAX is stiff because of the FDA. The researchers had a death trying to get at cancer cells from a tumor within the lung. They will only take cancerous plueral effussions, or easy to get to cancerous nodes, usually in the neck.

I searched the net, and had made up my mind to get treated at MD Anderson Center. However, Dr. Nemunaitis came to visit me wile I was in the hospital being treated for a large pericardial effusion, and plueral effusions. I was impressed with him. He is the Dr. doing the GVAX trial that all the buzz is about. I was impressed that he took time to visit me upon my surgeons request. I was referred to him by my surgeon, Dr. kourlis, who has done a couple of thorasic surgeries on me now, He is one top notch guy and recommend him if you ever need any heart or lung surgery, he is really thorough.

I use to not think much of DR. Kourlis, who is not known for his friendly demenor. I laugh about it now. He once came into my room demanding that I "get up out of that bed!" I looked at him in shock and said, "O.K., can I wait till the IV is done first." Anyway, he didn't realize I was plugged into the wall. I probably already walked 4 times that day anyway! I know he is serious about saving me, and takes it personal, if I don't do my part. He is always so serious. I try to make him laugh. It takes a few minutes for stuff to sink in, like he will laugh a couple of minutes later. Let me know if I can help in anyway.


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