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Hi Bruce... looking for an update

Lisa O

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My PCP didn't have my records in front of him but said they did cross his desk yesterday. They scan the reports and put them on the computer. Anyone else heard of this? Good way for safekeeping tho. Anyway, he just wanted to follow up on my hosp stay. He did another x-ray and yep...more blood. He said he felt that everything was ok and he heard no crackling in my lung. Overall he too is pleased with my progress. He is making the appt for my colonoscopy and to run light down in my stomach area.

On the lighter side, he said that when I said the nurses took all my blood, that I said that for a joke. He said it does happen. They will draw so much and say 20-30 min later get more, that what they took earlier will give false reading. Makes sense I guess. Anyway that is where we stand. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes that I received.

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Bruce, I KNOW you'll appreciate this...

A man goes in for a colonoscopy and is out on the table. The doctor enters the room and lifts the cloth from the sterile tools and begins to yell at the nurse upon seeing a bottle of beer, "Nurse, I said a BUTT light!"

Oy, I remember the butt scope, the prep is far worse than the procedure...

Hang in there, Bruce, we're all pulling for you!


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