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Frank Lamb

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One summer day,two adolesant boys were walking in a field. They came upon a large hole that was so large, that they could not see the bottom. One of the boys, out of bordom, threw a stone into the hole. They waited, but there was no sound. They found a bigger rock and threw it in, still no sound. Strange they thought. So together they wresteled a railroad tie that was nearby, to the hole and pushed it in. They waited along time. No sound was heard, not a splash, or a thud, but then suddenly like a flash a goat came flying right past them and went straight down the hole. The boys were pretty shaken up and desided to leave. As thay were walking back out of the field they met a farmer who asked them if they had seen his goat. Well they replied, a goat just came flying at us, like greased lightn'in and then went straight down that hole over there. Nah, couldn't been my goat, said the farmer, my goat was tied to a railroad tie.

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