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Question about Tarceva/Iressa


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An article Rich just posted claims chemically that there is little if any difference between the two drugs. However, it seems people on the board have been told that they differe enough so that if one doesn't work the other might. I wonder which is the case?

Secondly, if Tarceva is approved, will it drive down the price of Iressa and Tarceva, which would be a good thing, I would think.

Is there really a need, besides an economic need on the part of those of us who have to pay for medicines, including the govt and ins companies, to spend all that money on developing a drug that is basically the same as another drug? It seems to me that there would be a better way to make a drug less costly than to spend money developing a copycat--?


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I am not sure at all, I am thinking that Iressa and Tarceva are similar in the way that like Gemzar and Taxatore and other chemos are similar. Some people here get treated with Carboplatin, some Cistoplatin. Some Gemzar, some taxatore, etc. They are all simlar, but somehow differnt.

We have been told that thet side effects of Tarceva may be mroe tolerable for my mom.

I hope it hits the market soon!!!!HURRY UP FDA!

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