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The Return of Grumpy One Lung


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'This is a message I received from Grumpy One Lung. I don't think he'd mind me posting it, it's a great story:

This is not where I should post this but I saw your name(s) (Ry) and just had to post here so I did.

Still miss your gettogether up north of me, but when the hospital calls you must go, really missed being able to meet you all. Since I last posted here I have had a Hernia repaired, a Cataract repaired, and was at deaths door. I spent a month not being able to eat and lost something like 50 pounds.

The story of my still being here goes something like this. My 7 year old granddaughter told me one day that I was not going to be here for Christmas this year, and she needed me to be hear. So, I got to thinking about that. I had refused Chemo (I knew it would kill me so no deal), and they wanted me to take Radiation at the same time, I refused. But following what my very cool granddaughter said to me and knowing that I was going to die soon, I went for both, well here I am 5 weeks later and 100 percent better then I have been during the past 19 months. Hows that for a turn around? So much for coming back from the edge.

I have not been here much in some time because I was so down, but I am back now, will try to watch where I post from now on though, LOL.

To all and any new comers, a big Welcome to you all. There are hundreds of LC folks here with just tons of stories and good information for you and I daily. Please read away and see how many of us have like problems and how we deal with it.

Of course doctors are welcome here. I always wondered how many we had on this site.

All of My Prayers and Best Wishes to Us All. Grumpy One Lung

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Hey, there Grump!

Well, I guess by emailing the Overseer of the Hall Passes (that would be Ry) you have found a way to avoid paying a hefty fine for your long absence. You have been missed by many.

And I am soooooooo glad you decided to mind the 7 year old. :wink:

Get stronger, and come back soon and often.

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More from Grumpy...

Thank You all for the replys, what a wonderful place this is for those of us with LC. Yes my granddaughter is just that, an Angle. I plan on being around for some time Thanks to her and each and every one of you.

Love to each of you, Bless each of you. Grumpy One Lung

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Wonderful story. Children are a blessing aren't they? When my daughter was born my dad (who I never imagined would quit smoking) suddenly and abruptly quit smoking. When I asked why, he said, "I don't want my grandaughter to be exposed to second hand smoke".

Glad to see you back!!


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