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Clinical Trial - Charlie


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The insurance company has approved Charlie's appointment Tuesday at Vandy to get started with the clinical trial. He will be taking Targretin, which is a daily pill, which has been shown to be effective after Navelbine. It is not a chemo., but works some other way. I found this description on a web search:

Targretin ® (bexarotene) is a member of a subclass of retinoids that selectively activate retinoid X receptors (RXRs). These retinoid receptors have biologic activity distinct from that of retinoic acid receptors (RARs).

Ligand (Drug Co.) researchers believe that by binding to and activating RXR receptors, Targretin may help overcome a functional deficiency in tumor cells that is caused by low levels of RXR, and thereby delay tumor progression and improve survival.

It is already FDA approved for lymphoma. It is being tested with traditional chemo. and with the EGFR inhibitors. Matt posted (Thanks Matt) under "New Treatments...." about his clinical trial (http://lchelp.com/community/viewtopic.p ... =targretin), which is Targretin and Tarceva. Wish Charlie could get it in combination. But, we have to take what we can get. The ins. co. is so difficult.

Sorry if I bored you. This seems like a unique approach and wanted to share it with you.

Please pray for our safe trip (3 hrs. there, 3 hrs. back) on Tuesday and that nothing happens to keep him from getting started. Continuing to pray for you all and for a cure. Take care.

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