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Here I go!

Laura Ann

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I have been reading messages on this site for several months now. For whatever reason I have been reluctant to jump in, but here I go. My mother was diagnosed with NSCLC in November 2003. I have been her main caregiver and medical care advocate since the first of the year. To say that this has been a learning experience would truly be an understatement. This web-site has meant so much to me. I can't begin to describe how much information I have received as a result of coming here daily. Also there is a feeling of comfort I receive when I come here, I can't explain it, it's just there. My husband and kids know that whenever I "disappear" for short periods of time that I'm on that "website". Taking care of my mother has brought new meaning to my life. I don't know how many others have experience this, but being so involved with the care of my mother has helped me to cope with this terrible disease. I thank God that I found this website.


Mother diagnosed 11/2003 NSCLC

Inoperable stage 3b

Met to right fibula 08/2004

Right fibula removed 09/2004

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Welcome, Laura.

Don't be shy, jump in with both feet! The water is warm, I promise...just don't hang out real close to any bubbles, it isn't a Jacuzzi...(remembering a scene advertising "Lion King 1 1/2").

Sorry you have reason to find us, but very, VERY glad you did!


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Hi Laura and WELCOME!

I just giggled outloud when I read how you felt about posting, and then "Here I go!" LOL! I can remember feeling that exact same way. I had never, never done anything like this before. I wouldn't even participate in a chat group before I came here. When I first posted, I remember holding my breath while I hit the submit button. Then, I sat at the computer for hours waiting to see if anybody would talk to me. Well, they did!! LOL! Thank God!

We are so glad you found us, but like others will say, we wish you didn't have the need. But you are here, and please consider yourself one of us. Just start right now, tonight, posting wherever you want. Replying to someone's post the first time is just about as hard as posting your introduction, but it gets real easy after a while.

We're glad you're here and I can tell your mother is blessed to have you as a daughter.

God bless you,


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Welcome Laura Ann!

So sorry your Mom is ill. It sounds as if she has a wonderful advocate in you though. It must be very hard looking after your Mum and your family too. I am glad you have joined the "little family" here, perhaps we can help you, or at least give you a listening ear. Prayers for you, your Mom and your family.

Love Paddy

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Leave it to Snowflake to break out the farting jokes before a gal even gets to know us.

I absolutely had a similar experience dealing with this disease. The two years we were in Nacogdoches, 15 months of which were battling cancer, were the two happiest years of our lives together. That, first and foremost, is an amazing tribute to the greatest person I have ever known. But it is also a function of learning how to appreciate each moment and the blessings of everyday.

I would rather be insipid with Becky than wise without her, but that time and this have definitely made me a better man.

Please do keep posting, and ignore the farting jokes unless you like 'em, and continued best wishes.


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Welcome, welcome, welcome. I am so sorry you had a need to find us but since you are a caregiver, I am so glad that you did. You will find lots of support here. Post as often and as long as you like. I know how you feel about this site....I too was in awe of all of the great people here. I have learned so much and found support and prayers any time I have asked or mentioned. Its a great family ...welcome.


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Welcome Laura,

I too was the caregiver so I know just how difficult this is emotionally. This site certainly did not make it 'all better', but it did help me understand this disease better and gave me the support and care I needed on an ongoing basis.

Welcome again and sorry you have to be here.

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Hellooooo Laura,

I was just like you and took awhile to dip my toe in the pond (Glad you clarified the Lion King reference, Curtis, for those of us who had teenage boys who would NEVER allow us to rent that one!)

You've already been around enough to know what a great group of people are here, so we're just glad that now we can grab your hand and pull you into the circle :D

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Hi Laura,

Glad you found this site. There are so many caring, compassionate and knowledgeable people here. This site has been all the support for me. It has helped me make decisions and learn a lot about this disease. Please come here as often as needed. It is very consoling and helpful. Prayers for your mom, you and your family...

God Bless,


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