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Snowflake 2000

Don Wood

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Yep...that's our Flake. Combining empathy, humor, and the well aimed kick in the @$$ when needed. :)

PS For those of you who think my referring to Becky as "Flake" may be derogatory....in the United Kingdom, one of the most popular candy bars is Cadbury's Flake (chocolate in one of it's most delectable forms.)

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OK, my swelled head and I need to reply after Teresa's post..


I'm not a nurse because I hate needles, plain and simple. I couldn't jab someone, just couldn't do it...

I have ONE child to puke on me and clean up after, can't see doing it for a living, it isn't pleasant with just an occassional "leak" let alone a daily thing... :wink:

I admire nurses, just like teachers, knowing that it's WONDERFUL that there are people out there that can handle what I can't....

...and God willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll be here for another 2K..

Love to all,


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Congrats Becky! I was reading the 5th Harry Potter book tonight and came across a saying that when I read it, I immediately thought of you....

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure

(appropriately contributed to Luna Lovegood - yes I am a dork :D ).

Count me as yet another of your fans!

Much Love,


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