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I got good news yesterday..


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Hi all; Happy to report that my CT/MRIbrain/PET scans all came out clear...looks like N.E. D. for the moment. Breathing a little easier, if thats possible with one lung . Maybe the pneumonectomy will do the trick, (hopefully)...Remaining very cautious tho, aware of hi incidence of recurrence, hidden mets, etc. Still gotta do MRI of spine, precautionary, and adjuvant chemo, also precautionary. But feel relatively lucky so far, wish I could give you all a good news report too.

Now waiting, walking, healing, keeping med. appts.....keeping pain of surgery under control, (well, some anyway). Trying to be patient with slow healing process. More later...good luck to us all.

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Thanx all , for your great replies here! I guess adversity brings out the best in us.

Yea, Im feeling optimistic now, tho I always stay on guard against future problems...but I may celebrate a little by goin out and buying that new van Ive been seeing on trips to Hospital. (hehe)

Hope you all get the same good news as time goes on. Rich

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