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what do you think of this idea?


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I understand that it is hard to keep asking family and friends for donations for all of the cancer events we participate in. It gets old for them, but of course not for us.

So, do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea that could be offensive?

I was thinking we can do a "Cout Your Blessings" game here on the board in November to raise money for LCSC in honor LC Awareness month. If anyone is interested in giving it to family friends, they can and either donate the money here or to another cancer charity.

I can put it together, but would like to collaberate ideas with one or two others. It goes something like this for example "Donate $1 for each tv you have in your house" and you add money and subtract money for a whole bunch of different things y ou have or don't have. So it is like a game and then you donate the amount at the end.

If this gets good feedback here, maybe we can introduce the idea in General where more people read

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I am the one with the limited brain cell, I typed too fast without thinking :)

Ok, this can go two ways. First, we can do this on the website and post it and people here can participate. Second, for those who are interested in sending it to family and friends, we can put it in a Word document so it can be sent out to anyone via hand delivery, snail mail or e-mail. I know one problem a lot of people have is that their families and friends already recenently donated to cancer events, and it is hard to keep asking for donations over and over.

It would start out by saying something about how we need to Count Our Blessings and there would be instructions on how to fill it out.

Like $1 for each tv, 50 cents for each radio, add $5 if you took a vacation longer than week this year; subtract $5 if you have had no vacation for two years, etc. It is a point game and then at the end it is added up and the amount left gets donated.

Nov is LC awareness month and Thanksgiving, both times to Count Blessings.

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I am for doing anything to raise money.

I just about promised everyone at the firm I work at my first born if they would sponsor me in the Breast Cancer walk I am doing in my sisters honor on 10/14 and little do they all know I am not having any kids.

I have gotten 500.00 dollars so far from them. I am more than willing to donate half to LC since both cancers have affected me so much.

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Nat, excellent idea. My mom's office used to do that. I wish I could, my law firm will NOT allow it. I asked a zillion times!!!! I was like at my last job I could wear jeans on Fri and did not need to wear a suit durign the day. My boss is like that is not a real law firm. I said YES IT IS. And I work MUCH MORE efficiently when I am comfortable :)

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And then there's the "non event".....for those of us who don't want to dress up or down, leave the house, whatever....sort of a "Couch Potato's Ball"....where all you have to do is send money. Preferably the amount you would have spent on tuxedo rental, a new dress, your hair being done, the cost of dinner, whatever amount you would have spent to attend a fund raising event....PLUS the amount you would have donated to the cause.

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