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Been away for a few days..


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camping with grandsons. Was supposed to be only over the weekend which is why I did not ask for a hall pass.. :? However.. Had a car accident right past the Pinconning exit on I-75. Was pullling the camper with my trailblazer and hit some debri in the road with the camper wheel. Was in the left lane. Jackknifed both ways and shot across the right lane and into a big ditch thing like is on the side of expressways. I was in heavy traffic too, as it was around 5 in the afternoon, and was alone in the car since the kids and their moms were joining me later on in the evenning. I was on my way to Tawas Point State Park and hubby was following me to help me set up and then going back home to work. Well anyways, I sure prayed when that camper started throwing itself around! All is well, except nasty sprain of my left wrist.. thought it was broken at first, but nope. The car needs to be fixed but it runs fine and we will take it in probably tomorrow. I hit a mile marker on the way into the ditch. Boy are we thankful for no more problem than that! The camper was fine and the miracle is that no one hit me or I hit no one else when I flew across the traffic, and that my trailblazer did not roll going down into that deep ditch!!! Several cars stopped and people were very shook up because it really looked like the car next to me would not be able to stop and keep from hitting me, and also they all thought my suv would roll. My poor hubby was sooo upset, and here he was right behind me. I scared him to death! Anyways, I just got home today, and It hurts to type, so I will not post a lot for a few days. Glad to be home, thats for sure, and glad for my guardian angels!!

Love to all


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So very sorry to hear of your accident! I can just imagine how scared your husband must have been to watch such an incident.

And I too think you must have someone looking out for you. Or maybe it's a BUNCH of people . . . all these friends we've lost here lately.

Take care of that wrist, and be careful!

Praying for us all,


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