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Calling All Cooks!


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Hello All,

I've posted this under the "General" section already but wanted to make sure everyone here saw it as well. There is a fundraiser thread on the general section talking about a Holiday Extraveganza and a cookbook fundraiser (so read the original thread if you want to see how this started).

TeeTaa is sending me all the info for doing cookbooks as fundraisers. But in the mean time (while it is still fresh in your minds) you can send me your recipes. We still don't have a title yet but we will "Vote" on a title at a later date. If you could send me your recipes through the good ole' fashion mail system I would appreciate it. That way I don't have to print out 1000 e-mails. It would be great if you could include the following:

1. Recipe (and state main dish, dessert etc.) and thorough instructions (yes like temp., approximate -real- people servings etc

2. Your name and e-mail address in case we have questions

3. Write a little something (dedication) about the possible connection (but there doesn't need to be, I thought it would be neat) the recipe has to you/or loved one that is/has battled Lung Cancer. Like "These were my pops (Bill xxxx's) favorite cookies" etc.

Send to:

LCSC Recipes

c/o Mrs. Olson

P.O. Box 73353

Davis, CA 95617

If you have any questions, just PM me. Natalie has been gracious enough to offer to help out with this project; she lives close by!! This is going to be great!!

** I don't know how to put a sticky on this to keep it up top. If anyone can tell me how to do this it wold be appreciated. So until then, kick it up to the top for me once in a while.


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To post a sticky, you have to do it when you original send the post.

Under the box you type information in is an area titled "Options" with the following:

Disable HTML in this post

Disable BBCode in this post

Disable Smilies in this post

Attach signature (signatures can be changed in profile)

Notify me when a reply is posted

Post topic as: Normal Sticky

To make your notice a sticky, check the "Sticky" box in "Post topic as"...

Easy as pie!

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