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Frank Lamb

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Oh, FRANK...you'd miss the thrill of soaring and still meet the same end... Come, climb to the top with me to experience the wind in your face - just ignore that flapping sound, that's my fat getting caught in the breeze....(which is how I KNOW you'll be dead if you try to catch me - squished like a bug)


Local Man Still Missing After Being Struck by Falling Cellulite - AP... Witnesses say a local man has gone missing after a friend hurled some unneeded fat from the top of the building. Ima Rale, local clothing model stated, "I've heard of losing weight, but never knew that it could be lethal were someone to FIND IT in large quantities."

Searchers had given up hope of finding Mr. FRANK when realizing that he had to have been pounded thin enough to cover three counties! The search ended before it even began...

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