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To my friends...


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I am so sorry I have been away for a while, things are not well with Daddy and although I have been on checking the boards occassionally, I have not been able to respond, due to lack of knowing what to day anymore.

Daddy was dealt three horrible blows in the past three weeks....

1. Cancer appeared in the Esophogus

2. He had a small stroke

3. He now has a brain tumor

I am physically and mentally ill over all of this and can't believe how fast all this occured. I am ANGRY at the oncologist as Daddy just had a PET Scan three weeks ago and they said all was fine (other than the new throat cancer) and then two weeks later they say oops Brain Met... now, apparently Brain mets don't show up on a PET which was news to me.

So, although I was devastated by the throat cancer, I was relieved to know it was lurking no where else and then WHAM... hit again. Anyway, Daddy is home now, I am taking him to Yale New Haven Hospital tomorrow as they feel he should have the Gamma Knife procedure. So we are meeting with the Radiation Onc and the Neurosurgeon tomorrow. He is half the man he was a month ago, so skinny and weak... he is on decadron now for his brain met and his appetite is increasing, so I am hoping he will gain a few pounds. Mommy is running ragged taking care of his every need. Tomorrow night they will stay at my house so I can take care of HER for a change... This is by far the hardest thing I have ever gone through.... Sharon

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i'm so sorry to hear about everything you have been going through. don't worry about not posting regularly. you have so much going on that it's more than understandable. i'm glad to see that the decatron is increasing your father's appetite. since he wants to eat, give him plenty of really good food! the gamma knife procedure seems to be excellent when dealing with one or a few brain mets (very few, if any, side effects) -- there are lots of posts about that on this site alone. the stroke may have been facilitated by the brain met, i believe (i think paddy's husband went through that), so i'm praying that the gamma knife procedure will take care of that. it's very sweet of you to have your parents over so that you can help take care of your mom too. hang in there. my thoughts are with you and your family.

God bless,


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Dear Sharon,

So sorry to hear of the additional difficulties -- but let's hope that Yale NH takes care of the brain mets right away. I knew that PET scans are not reliable for brain mets -- Len had to have a brain MRI AFTER the PET scan to make sure that there was nothing there. So the oncologist may genuinely NOT have known. Not that that's much comfort for you.

Glad to hear that his appetite is returning. And if the gamma knife takes care of the met, and you can get the esophagus under control, you may be able to start again.

We'll be thinking of you during this whole period -- don't worry about posting but do let us know what's going on WHEN you have time. Your first priority is taking care of your dad, then of your mother and yourself!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you all....


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Im so sorry that things aren;t well for you now, I will certainly keep you and yours in my prayers, I didn't know that a PET scan did not show brain mets, I am so surprised , I have never been told that. I have brain ct.s I guess that would show as well as a MRI? Good thing we have each other to learn from...... Prayers and Peace

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Oh, Sharon, this has been a sucky day for you, hasn't it? My heart goes out to you in the biggest way. I know how it feels when you think things can't get any worse - and then . . . .

You will hopefully see a very quick change in your dad with the decadron. When it does what it's suppose to do, it is dynamite. My husband's headache on dx disappeared in less than 24 hours, after he got the decadron, and he took it again when he was so flattened from taxotere/carboplatin, and it worked then, too.

All my prayers are headed your way!



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I have been wondering how you and your dad were doing...

I am so sorry that all of this is hitting you at once. :cry:

It is truly overwhelming...

I will PM you when I have a chance--I just wanted to let you know that you and your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers.


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I am sorry for not responding before now. I'm sorry this has happened to your Dad, and I truly do not understand why mets to the esophagus/throat or gut appears to be such a difficult thing to diagnose. I keep looking for an explanation.

My prayers go out to your and your Dad, with the hopes that they can treat the brain mets and gastric mets asap.

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No need to apologize for being away for a while. Take it from me, I know all about that. I used to be able to be on board 2-3 times a day, and now I am lucky if I can find a computer once ever 2 weeks. It sucks in two ways, as the people here care and worry for us, but also because it is hard being away from all this support and love that we so need. But what I've learned is no matter how long our absence, our LCSC family here will always have us in their hearts and prayers and there are open arms waiting for when we can log on.

I am really so sorry to hear your father has had these horrible blows lately. One of the important things I learned early on was that although the PET scans are very accurate and detect smaller tumors than CT scans, they are ineffective in any area where the body naturally processes and absorbs glucose (sugars) so PET is not an accurate indicator of Cancer in the brain or cancer in the liver, both show up as a black mass. PET is also not the best indicator of bone mets. This is why it is important to not only get CT or PET scans but bone scans and MRIs.

But there is good news in that your father is going for Gamma Knife. I have heard some amazing result stories of people who've gone through that procedure.

Just take everything one thing at a time. Kill that brain met, then attack and kill that esophagus cancer.

I will be praying for your father, and praying for you and your mother. My heart is with you, and I pray for healing for your father.

Make sure you take care of yourself, as well as your mom. This is such a horrible trying thing to go through and even if we don't feel we are doing much and feel we are helpless, that mental, emotional physical exhaustion just builds unnoticed until it threatens to impair you. Get rest and pamper you too.

All my love


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Been where your are. Took care of my dad who had Pancreatic cancer.

Belive it or not in the future you will look back on these days w/ fondness

knowing you had time w/ him and gave back to him. These are the times

you will remember forever. Take care. I know how hard it is for you and

your mother is probably lost. Watch over her also. She most likely in

shock also. I will pray for you all.

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