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Cancer Treatment Centers of America


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Hi, Anyone who knows me and my posts knows that I am a huge advocate for top hospitals such as UCLA, University of Chicago, Duke University, Memorial Sloan and Kettering, Fox Chase Cancer Center, MD Anderson, John Hopkins etc etc... Thay are wonderful, however, I ordered a free video from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and I was REALLY REALLY IMPRESSED with wha I saw!!! They really do treat the whole person!!! I would recommend to anyone getting a copy of the free tape just to look at it as a back up plan, or another option down the line God forbid anything should happen. They really seem to have a very uniqueapproach to treating cancer. Any feedback? By the way, WlaterPatens wife was on the video, and she said that she wished they would have went there form the get go. That is imporessive!


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