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My surgery


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Hello my brothers and sisters,

Just wanted to drop a note to let every one know how my surgery went to remove my adrenal gland as I promised I would. I went in Sept 3rd (day after my birthday). The surgery went very very well. My surgeon is awesome. When I woke they brought me to ICU because the nurses there only have two patients to care for at a time and my doc wanted me to have the best care. Two days I went to a regular room. The nurses were great. My surgeon said the gland came out clean and wasn’t attached to anything and there was no evidence of any other tumors. He also told me if it was him he would done the same thing. They wouldn’t let me eat anything until my organs started working (if you get what I mean). I didn’t eat for 4 days. Finally thinks started working and I was able to eat. Even thou it was a liquid diet at first and then when everything else started working and I was able to have regular food, (if that’s what you want to call it.) Well I was in the hospital for 1 week because my blood level had to rise back to be where it was before I stopped my comedian. Since I have been home I have been improving everyday. Today I got a CT scan that my Onoc wanted me to get so we have a new start point. Tomorrow I will see my Onoc and will start my chemo again. When I was in the hospital he came and visited me and I ask him what chemo we were going to do and he said he wanted to stay with the Alimta(sp?). Monday I will be back to work. That will be three weeks since surgery. I hope and pray that no more tumors come anywhere else. But to be honest I’m worried about the last scan I had when the Radiologist and my Onoc said there was a spot in my hip joint that they both felt was just bursitis. I sure hope so.

Well Just want to thank all of you guys for you prayers and well wishes.

Love you all

God Bless Us All

Ray A

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