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All New Jersians need to do this!!!


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I received this in e-mail today from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

The makers of candy-flavored cigarettes, along with their friends who far too often sell those cigarettes to kids, are leading the charge against a bill that will give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate tobacco products because they KNOW it will reduce smoking and stop them from marketing to kids.

The US Senate overwhelmingly passed strong FDA legislation on July 15 as part of a large tax bill, called the FSC Bill. This legislation, among other things, would give the FDA the authority to regulate tobacco products, ban the sale of candy-flavored cigarettes and crack down on other marketing of tobacco products to our children.

In spite of strong bi-partisan support for this legislation, a couple of powerful politicians in the House have kept this issue from coming to a final vote.

It's time for the House to stop dragging its feet and join the Senate in passing strong and effective FDA authority over tobacco that can protect our kids from tobacco addiction and save lives.

Click below to send a letter to Jim Saxton urging the House to pass this important legislation.


There are only a few weeks left in this year's session of Congress, so time is running out for Congress to pass these common sense consumer protections into law.

Congress has the responsibility to protect our kids. What sort of leaders put candy-flavored cigarette sales before the safety and health of our nation's children?

Take Action Now! Click below to tell the House not to go home without protecting our kids.


Thank you for your support,

Carter Headrick

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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