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Hyperthyroidism -- an informal POLL


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The more I think about this hyperthyroidism connection that keeps popping up around here, the more I wonder.......I would like to do an informal "poll" and then I am going to contact a few agencies and ask if anyone has ever done any type of study into this!

I am trying to figure out if the link is the hyperthyroidism ITSELF or the radio-active Iodine treatment that goes along with it.

So.....if you have been diagnosed w/ hyperthyrodism, let me know

and.....if your treatment included Radio-active Iodine, let me know!

I myself was treated for hyperthyroidism back in 1992/1993 and they hit me with the radio-active isotope TWICE!! (The first time didn't quite complete the job and they did it again a few months later) That would be about 10 years prior to diagnoses. They told me that my cancer had probably been growing for about 4 years, which means 6 years after the thyroid treatment.

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I posted this on another thread, but I am moving it to this one.

I wonder too. I have never been treated for the condition, but have had symptoms all my adult life. Drs always thought I had either hyper and then thought I had hyp--so I would be tested and then the results would come up normal. I have since found out that the tests do not catch quite a few people who actually ha ve a thryroid disorder.

To this day, I can't say that I do, but that I have had symptoms and a very low normal body temperature, which it is coming to be known is just about indicative of a thyroid condition.

I have also read that a low body temp can cause people to be more susceptable to cancer because the body is not warm enough for cells to do what they need to do--(not a very good medical description ) -

I am wondering if anyone else has ever noticed that their body temperature is low==chronically low prior to DX.


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I was dx'd hyperthyroid, with goiter and ultimately, exophthalmia....in 1974. Drank a dose of liquid RAI....which, if I remember right, was about 50 Rads. (I asked at the time, but memory is iffy now. After all this was 30 years ago! :wink: )

I have been on Synthroid since 1978 and currently have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I do tend to have a body temp just slightly under normal...but not significantly so.

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As I said in another ribbon, when I was diagnosed with lung cancer, that same day I had a blood test for thyroid, it showed I was Hyperthyroid, yes I was treated with radio active Iodine, a high dose but I already had lung cancer. The doctor felt that the increased metabolism caused by the thyroid would make the tumor grow faster so he wanted that treated right away. Donna G

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I was dx, today with a nodule on the thyroid gland,

at the same time the doctor talked about hyperthyroid,

body temperature always very low and I am always

very warm physically even to the touch.

More tests to come, never had treatment for thyroid,

but I have breast cancer.


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My mom had thyroid problems for as long as I can remember. This was definetely way before the LC diagnosis. I have all her medical documents that I am sorting through now, I dont know what exact condition she had with the thyroid, I do know that she took a medication daily to control it.. She was exposed to microwave radiation at a job she held when she was my age. (and pregnant with me). Not sure if that has any relevance to either one but I think so. I do see an alarming coincidence in the amount of people who have thyroid problems and LC. Wonder if anyone in the medical community has checked it out.


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How very strange.

My "normal" temp has always been around 97.5 - 97.7. On my last CT scan, they found 2 "non-specific nodules" on my right thyroid that were followed with ultrasound and the same conclusion. In about December, I'll have another ultrasound to follow up on the nodules again. (The docs seem to think these are just harmless cysts, but need to be watched.)

I guess I'll find out what's going on in December. My lab work is all just about normal -- my blood counts and platelets didn't even get down to a dangerously low level through chemo and radiation, and were just about back to normal the week after radiation ended.

I'll be interested to see what, if anything, develops with this now.


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My Husband is also hperthyroid, he had a lot of swelling on the neck last year before he was diagnosed with LC. They kind of ignored that and just concentrated on the lung and did chemo and radiation. This april they did a needle biopsy while he was in the hosp for (Sodium too Low)because one of the docs noticed the swelling again, He also runs a very low temp unless he is ill.

My son also is hyperthyroid and was treated several years ago with the radio active pills and put on synthyroid. And gets an adjustment maybe once a year on his meds. He does not have Lung Cancer and is 30 years old. My Husbands Mother passed away from Thyroid Cancer in 1984. This is scarey! Really does seem to be a connection.


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Just thought I'd insert something here that Dr. Joe (oncodoc) put on another thread:

"Just an aside, I saw some speculation earlier about hyperthryoidism being connected with lung cancer. I am not familiar with this being reported before but I just saw a new patient yesterday who interestingly enough had radioactive iodine for her thyroid 5 years ago and now has lung cancer. Very interesting, would have never even paid attention to that if you guys hadn't brought it up....."

I was already glad Dr. Joe had joined us, and it's especially good to see that he might be learning something from us as well. Or at least we might be broadening his perspective a bit. Sure hope so, cause he's certainly been a big help here so far!


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  • 5 months later...

Hi all,

I also posted this in the Early Stage section as it was brought there also.

Just wanted to put some more input with the thyroid issue.

As you may have read Joel had the left upper lobe removed, was doing nicely during the post op and then became so lethargic that he spoke in a whisper, lost 45 lbs , had a rapid heart rate and could hardly walk. I was so scared that it was the big C. again. I felt like I was losing him. It was an effort for him to just take a fast shower. He had to shave the next day. Could not do two things the same day. After the shaver or shave, he had to lie down. He was so exhausted.

His pulmanary doctor did not call for a thyroid blood test because he said it is unusual in a male to have hyperthryoidism. But we were certainly glad when his Oncologist suggested blood work. Most of you know that his thyroid was overactive. They gave him that radioactive iodine pill to kill the thyroid. Well that was only 3 weeks ago and he is doing absolutely wonderful. His energy is back, he gain 20 lbs of his 45 lost so far.

He went to the Enco. last week and she said his T levels dropped from 25 to 5. She wants to get him to 3 or 4 so she will give him the synthoid pill because now he is underactive. Right now it is still being staged as overactive as the redioactive pill takes a month to work. So right now he is on Trapozole pill ( which is for overacative). He is to take this for 2 more weeks. Then he will discontinue the Trapzole. There will be a period of 2 weeks where he will be taking nothing. During that time the Doc said he will really gain weight.

I just want to say, that we don't know either what caused his thyroid to act like that. Some Docs say stress can bring it on. But for years Joel was the type of person who ate anything and never gained wait. (talk about people being jealous :roll: )

So he may have had the thyroid problem all long, but it was kind of dormant. But was brought out by the stress of all the LC stuff.

I am just giving some more insight to this thyroid problem that so many of you seem to have.

If you are having those symptoms, get your thyroid count checked. It just take a simple blood test.


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