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toe nail discoloration and accupunture (2 seperate questions


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Hi. Two seperate questions, curious if anyone else has experience. My mom stopped Iressa like a month ago.

1. Toe nails---The past few times she got pedicures, she had red polish on her toes asnd after a couple of days, the red became discolored. So we figured we would try OPI instead of Chanel and got a light pink in OPI. The same thing happened, the color became distorted after two days. So it is not the brand of polish. Has this happened?/

2. My dad called an accupunturist today to see if she can help with the fatigue and stomach problems. I laughed at him, but then again I never tried it. Has it helped an y one?


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Iressa made my nails paper thin and brittle. I haven't polished my toenails in AGES, so can't answer why it made the polish "funky". It will take her toenails up to a year or more to grow out completely and they may get ickier as they thicken (ridges, etc.). I know that mine will NEVER be normal again... My fingernails fared better with the growing out.

Accupuncture....from what I've heard, it works. I haven't tried it yet because...well, because I HATE needles! I don't care if the ends are wrapped in cotton and lit and gee-ain't-that-cool, it's STILL a needle! Yet I have heard good things from people who have tried it...

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