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Checking In - just for tonight (Sorry it's long)

Amy P

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Hello all you wonderful people! I was sitting here with some down time and thought I would check in and see how my favorite cyber community is faring.

Things are starting to kind of fall in some sort of order around here. I have made some initial steps (albeit baby ones) to seek out a MAJOR career change - won't get into boring detail but I will let you know if it works out. Got the main bathroom completely repainted and as soon as the money tree grows in my front yard, we will rip out the vanity and replace it with a double :) - Sorry Ry the hallpass has paint spots on it! My next job is to tackle the main entry way and hallway. The only major issue to still be resolved is my sweet little AD/HD angel. She is having a rough go in kindergarten and after parent-teacher conf today, I realize I may have battle on my hands - teacher seems to think meds are the only way to go - luckily she is VERY willing to work with us and Abby's psychologist to work through this 'cause I am LEERY of anyone who thinks meds are the first resort - they are LAST resort for us!

Mom is trucking along but had to take a 5 day Iressa vacation - the poopies just got too much :( but today she sounded really good and her and my dad are coming up tomorrow to watch the kiddos so I can go get my hair cut and highlighted (no Frank, John and Bruce - I am not a natural blonde!) I am a little worried because the bathroom issues seem to be getting progressively worse and the Iressa is working so well...just keeping everything body part that I can crossed that things resolve themselves!

There were far too many posts to go through all of them but I am hoping that David C is feeling better and that Peggy's hubby made it home in one piece! Hoping that Carleen and Keith are doing better and that JustaKid is on the mend. Has Bruce heard anything back from the Doc's yet - been worried about him (Sorry I haven't e-mailed back - it has been crazy insane at work this week) and the list goes on. Congrats to all who have received good news the past couple of weeks - high fives all around - to those who have tests coming up - prayers are coming (they have never stopped). I hope Dean Carl is still feeling as can be expected. Becky, Elaine and Fay A, I know you all are still dispensing great advice laced with humor and wisdom. I know there are many many others that I have missed or not mentioned, it is not for lack of caring - all of you mean so much and each and everyone of you are in my daily prayers - please don't be offended. I am going to have to go spend some time in just for laughs - as I could use a couple and I think there might be some good Frank jokes in there :D

I am going to continue my break for a little while longer (do I need to renew my Hall pass???) and plan to be back in a couple of weeks - I miss you all!

Much Love,

Amy P

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I am glad you checked in. I too believe that meds are the last resort for kids with AD/HD but know that it can really be trying some of the time. My son's step son has it and they finally had to put him on meds. It has helped him to concentrate and handle daily life a little better but I fear it is too late for him. He is 13 and so far behind in school that he will have to really work hard and have special help to catch up. We live in a small town and they just kept saying he "had behavioral problems" but never tested. Glad you already are involved with a phycologist etc.

The bathroom sounds lovely...and so does the hall pass.


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Good to hear from you. I hope you got caught up on Frank and his bears--the continuing saga of love and betrayal!

I am glad to hear things are settling down for you and your family. Pls check back in--who knows, in a month fickle Frank might be on the chase for a different mammal!

love and fortitude


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