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My thoughts about LCSC


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After recent posts in the NSCLC & Mesothelioma forum, I just wanted to add my thoughts and views about LCSC.

We all come here for a variety of different reasons:

- some come because they have LC

- some were smokers

- some were not smokers

- some are recently diagnosed

- some are long term survivors

- some are early-stage LC

- some are late-stage LC

- some are NED

- some are dealing with progression

- some come because their spouse has LC

- some come because their parent or other family member has LC

- some come because their friend has LC

- some come to receive emotional support

- some come to give emotional support

- some come for information:

- about LC

- about LC treatment and treatment side effects

- about living with LC and LC treatments and side effects

- about alternative and complementary therapies

- about end-of-life care

- about continuing on after a loved one has died because of LC

- about financial issues, such as insurance and medical costs

- some come to provide information

- some come to support LC awareness and activism

Each of us comes here with different needs, different perspectives, and different coping styles and skills. Everyone is valuable to our community.

I don't believe certain topics should be taboo (i.e. smoking) and that it's OK for people to express differing opinions in a respectful manner.

I personally choose not to read certain forums and posts that I have a hard time relating to or that may be upsetting to me.

Well, that's my two-cents worth.

Praying for everyone at LCSC.

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