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Hope this hasn't been posted before :? ...

There were 3 candidates for the FBI job. One by one, the FBI agents took the candidates into a hallway and had them take the final test. Each candidate was given a gun and told it was loaded although it actually had only blanks.

The first man was given the gun. He was told that his wife was blindfolded and tied to a chair behind the door in front of him, and he had to go in and shoot her. This would prove that he really was ready to be an FBI agent. Wide eyed, the man told the agents that he was NOT going to shoot his wife and if thats what it took, he would withdraw from the competition. The agents took the gun back and went in and untied his wife from the chair and off the man and wife went.

The 2nd man was told the same thing and trembling, he went through the door and closed it behind him. The agents waited and after about 10 minutes the man came out, holding his wifes hand. He explained, weeping, that this woman was the mother of his children and he could not shoot her. The agents told him to go on his way and he and his wife went sobbing down the hall, arm in arm.

The last candidate was a woman, and her husband was in the room, tied to the chair. The FBI agents told her the same thing as the previous candidates and she took the gun from them with a small nod and disappeared into the room. Within minutes, the agents heard 3 loud bangs. This was followed by a pause and then all kinds of noise coming from the room. Just when they were about to go in to see what the problem was, out came the woman, fixing her hair in her hairclip. The agents asked her "What was all that noise in there, what took you so long?" "Well, she said apologetically, "the gun didn't work too well so I had to beat him to death with the chair".

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