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Night Sweats


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Has anyone had experience with night sweats? I feel fine during the day. I not running a temperature but in the middle of the night the sweats start. At which point, I am throwing off covers etc. This started about three nights ago. What is really getting me is the loss of sleep!!!

I guess there could several reasons for them which could be harmless. I was just interested in knowing what others experiences have been.

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Becky had night sweats and all sorts of trouble with temperature while doing chemo, especially the first batch of cisplatin and etoposide. She would go from freezing to sweating and back again over and over. So it didn't have anything to do with the cancer, since it was stable back then, but just the treatments.


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Oh, boy....did you just ring my bell? Sweats? You betcha. Nightime, daytime, allover hot and sweaty....and then 45 seconds later my head is freezing!!

The chemo sweats are FAR worse than anything menopause EVER threw my way. And I had my last cycle of chemo almost two weeks ago...but the sweats are still with me. They are more aggravating at night because, yes...they wake you up! But I have them during the daytime too. Not too many of them.....some days, only a couple.....other days, maybe 4-5.

But I wake up 2-3 times a night, most nights. Once in a while, I take a good old Tylenol PM to get a decent night's sleep....which for me, means waking up only ONCE to use the bathroom! I'm on a low dose of prednisone for polymyalgia....and the pred is what causes me to run to the throne in the middle of the night. BUT...if I can keep it to waking up only one time....I am much less tired the next day.

Try the occasional Tylenol PM. You can take two of them...but I find one works well enough for me. Actually, Tylenol PM works better for me than Ativan did during chemo....but then it doesn't have the anti-nausea properties.

I'm not sure anything can really get rid of the sweats...but I do hear you on the loss of sleep. If Tylenol PM doesn't work for you....talk to your doctor. At least he might be able to prescribe something to help you get some rest.

My menopausal night sweats lasted for some 10-11 YEARS! :shock: I never was bothered during the daytime....but over the years, it got so I was down to one major sweat per night....usually somewhere between 4:30 and 6:30 a.m. So....if I went to bed early enough, I could still get a decent night's sleep! :roll:

Chemo sweats are different....but I'm also counting on the fact that eventually, they will go away altogether! Hang in there Mo...and take naps when you can and when you must! Many an afternoon, I've nodded off after being up all night, sweating! :?

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Boy can I relate to those night sweats. I did not have them until I started my Chemo/radiation treatments. Never knew which one caused it. Dr told me it was the treatments shrinking the tumor. I am not sure if he was joking with me or not but once they started shrinking the tumor the sweating did stop. Another note here. I learned that the 101 temp was not a fever. My onc called it tumor fever. Never heard that one before. Hope this soon takes care of itself for you.

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I had nights sweats. They actually started before I was diagnosed. I had a couple of episodes (I was too young for menopause) and occassionally I'd also wake up from the night sweats with horrible nausea. those two things led to me visiting the doctor which led to my diagnosis. I had no other symptoms at all.

I have heard that a tumor can cause night sweats. If you look at cancer symptoms you usually see night sweats listed as a generic symptom.

If it's any consolation I only had a few and they only lasted a few months. I hope yours will be a thing of the past soon too!

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Oh, geeze, can I relate to those nasty night sweats......and i get em first thing in the morning too......mine are a combo of chemo and chemo-induced menopause......Addie described em to a "T"

I'm just waiting them out.....my last round of chemo was about 7 weeks ago, and they do seem to be getting better.

Wishing you the best,


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