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Just wanted to let you all know that my Rich passed away peacefully here with me at home on Friday with his family by his side. It was a very stressful week of watching him die but I know now that it is for the best because he is not suffering no more from the beast that took him from me(cancer) now I will concentrate on my brother who is in treatment now for the awful beast, here is the web site for his tributes www.lanefuneralhomes.com click on Orbituarys you should fine it on TUESDAY when his services are. I just want to thank all of you for your support this has been a wonderful place to come . I will continue to be here for you all and my brother. We had a wonderful Hospice team here and they kepted Rich very comfortable. I will be back here after this week. Thank You all Charolette

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Dear Charolette,

I am deeply sorry for your loss.... i have followed your posts since my short time here and your are an amazing person .... i am glad to see that you have a lot of family support.... my prayers are with you.... look forward to seeing more posts from you re: your brother etc...


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So sorry for this loss Charlotte. I know you will miss Rich terribly, but I am glad with you that he is not sick any longer. Hope you can find comfort and rest in that and I know you are a wonderful support for your brother. Glad to hear you are staying here with us.



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