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Need Opinion, Don't know what to think


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I don't want to write a book so I will put the details then ask the few questions I have. Didn't know what section to put this in but here goes.

Quit smoking 15 March. Started riding 50 miles a week on 15 April. test done for tension headache on 1 July. 10 july is when everything SEEMED to start. slight burning in left area around left side close to spin. Since then have gone to ER 4 times for what I thought was heart attack due to chest pain. (alot brought on by ansiety) I have had 3 x-rays that they state look fine. Have had tons on blood tests and all seem to come back OK, have had a stress test and doc states GREAT.

Gone to Pulminary and they state lung copacity is fine/normal. Endoscopy revieled slight hietal hernia taking zantac for that.

I don't cough, I sleep through the night, I don't get fevers or sweats, I eat fine and not loosing weight. I can work out and when I do my lungs feel fine. Only symptom that I am complaining about to the DOC about is burning from my shoulder blades down to lower part of rib cage and sometimes along the spine. Pain under PECS now and again. Pain lower rib cage in my sides left some times and right other times, today its the right. the pain either feels like a mix of burning and jabbing of a finger if get my drift other days it feels like some one is pressing my chest or side or back with a knuckle. other than that I do constantly clear my throat. dont know where that comes from because I don't have any wheezing. could be throat is healing from the smoking but its been 6 months.

Smoker for about 12 years, 1/2 to 1 pack a day. 39 years old. 99 percent healthy all my life that is why this concerns me since basically never gets sick and now.

questions that I can't seem to get answers for -

A symptom of lung cancer is constant chest pain - what would that feel like? Like what I have got. DOC don't think so.

Should I be worried? Have not seen a cancer specialist yet because the docs don't seem to think its that.

Yes I'm worried but am controlling that. but want to get rid of the chest pain, comes and goes and still trying to find out if its radiating from somewhere.

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It sounds as if you are worrying yourself sick over something that could have a simple answer. It seems to me though that your Doctor has been very thorough.If you don't have faith in your present doctor please go to another for a second opinion but don't continue torturing yourself.

Good Luck to you. Paddy

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Please stop torturing yourself with the "what if's".....sounds as if your healthy as a horse.....if you don't trust your primary MD, by all means get a second opinion. Chest pain can be caused by a multitude of things....heartburn, muscle strain, anxiety.....LC in low on the list...

If you need to put this to rest, get another opinion......but from what you've written, you seem to be A-OK......enjoy!!

hoping for the best,


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Sounds like stress to me. Remember though, I'm not a doctor.

Is there any reason you'd think you have lung cancer? Family history? Hacking blood?

Prior to my cancer by nine months, I had a horrible boss. I worked with a great team, but the "leader" was something else. I HATED going to work when I knew she was there - so at 33, I ended up in the ER for chest pains and possible heart attack. This lead to a heart monitor and a Myoview Stress Test and some x-rays. X-rays of the heart are the same general picture as those of the lung - the chest, ya know. NOTHING showed in the x-rays. Nine months later, x-rays to rule out tuberculosis showed pneumonia and the follow-up showed a "suspicious mass" - later known as "Stage IIIa Adenocarcinoma of the Lung". According to my oncologist, this "visitor" had been with me 3-5 years...

If you THINK you have lung cancer and can get a doctor to humor you, get at least a CT scan - BUT, if you think it's stress or anxiety, talk to your Primary Care Physician, take the 'test' and consider anti-anxiety medication. CT Scans, X-rays...nuclear medicine...they all put stuff in your body that could lead to health issues - like, well, cancer. Too much radiation DOES build up in the body, that's why the tech steps behind his "Superman Shield" when he snaps your picture. Discuss this with your doctor - if you do not have a good relationship with your doctor, consider changing doctors.

Symptoms sound like mine for stress...and the medication helped until I switched jobs and got back off it.

Take care, and good luck.


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I agree with Snowflake. My tumor NEVER showed up on the x-rays. (Still doesn't). It you are really that worried, please ask your doctor to "Humor" you as Snowflake said and get a CT scan. Chances are anything that may be going on will show up there.

Could be the aches and pains are due to your increased exercising???

Please keep us posted.


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The MRI was actually on my cirvical spine or neck for a possible pinched nerve, new it wasn't because pain was in the side, anyway came back fine. haven't been exercising in about 1-2 months because of all of this. I think its not so much worry but more that the docs don't have a good answer for me. Why is my back and side hurting when I didn't seem to injur it and why does my chest ache off and on all over the place? And with this why all of a sudden or for the last 1-2 months have I been having to clear my throat constantly (is it my lungs still cleaning themselves) the flem or what ever it is doesn't feel like its coming from my lungs its just there.

With this and all the test so far coming back negative or OK, I'm confused. Trying to figure out a elusive symptom and hoping not to have something that from the impression I get is hard as hell to detect.

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